Games Overview


Age of Conan55 Guilds7 Characters
Aion37 Guilds98 Characters
Allods Online9 Guilds32 Characters
Anarchy Online7 Guilds28 Characters
Asherons Call9 Guilds8 Characters
Asherons Call 28 Guilds2 Characters
City of Heroes20 Guilds41 Characters
Dark Age of Camelot24 Guilds42 Characters
Dungeons & Dragons Online23 Guilds20 Characters
Eve Online3 Guilds13 Characters
Everquest80 Guilds194 Characters
Everquest 238 Guilds22 Characters
Final Fantasy XI36 Guilds22 Characters
Guild Wars24 Guilds74 Characters
Horizons2 Guilds5 Characters
Last Chaos23 Guilds110 Characters
Lineage 215 Guilds106 Characters
Lord of the Rings Online32 Guilds32 Characters
Rift0 Guilds0 Characters
Runes of Magic8 Guilds12 Characters
Shadowbane1 Guilds8 Characters
Star Wars Galaxies35 Guilds43 Characters
Ultima Online36 Guilds98 Characters
Vanguard20 Guilds14 Characters
Warhammer Online67 Guilds23 Characters
World of Warcraft1,830 Guilds6,982 Characters