World of Warcraft Overview


Aegwynn (US)25 Characters
Aerie Peak34 Characters
Agamaggan27 Characters
Aggramar19 Characters
Aggramar (EU)1 Characters
Ahn'Qiraj27 Characters
Akama22 Characters
Alakir9 Characters
Alexstrasza41 Characters
Alleria47 Characters
Alonsus30 Characters
AlphaWow0 Characters
Altar of Storms0 Characters
Alterac Mountains12 Characters
Aman'Thul5 Characters
Anachronos1 Characters
Anachronous3 Characters
Anathema3 Characters
Andorhal5 Characters
Anetheron2 Characters
Antidonas0 Characters
Antonidas23 Characters
Anub'arak6 Characters
Anvilmar1 Characters
Arathor5 Characters
Archimonde67 Characters
Area 5233 Characters
Argent Dawn151 Characters
Arthas8 Characters
Arygos59 Characters
Aszune7 Characters
Auchidoun6 Characters
Auchindoun22 Characters
Auhindaoun2 Characters
Azgalor5 Characters
Azjol Nerub19 Characters
Azshara47 Characters
Azuremyst97 Characters
Bab0 Characters
Bad Ash5 Characters
Baelgun4 Characters
Balnazzar6 Characters
Barthilas5 Characters
Black Dragonflight54 Characters
Blackhand6 Characters
Blackrock25 Characters
Blackwater Raiders119 Characters
Blackwing Lair14 Characters
Blade's Edge43 Characters
Bladefist71 Characters
Blades Edge Eu3 Characters
Blades Edge Us10 Characters
Bleeding Hollow11 Characters
Blizzlike5 Characters
Blood Furnace0 Characters
Bloodcraft7 Characters
Bloodfeather11 Characters
Bloodhoof19 Characters
Bloodscalp21 Characters
bloodscalp0 Characters
Bonechewer22 Characters
Borean Tundra31 Characters
Boulderfist7 Characters
Bronzebeard8 Characters
Broxigar0 Characters
Burning Blade7 Characters
Burning Legion7 Characters
Burning Steppes2 Characters
Caelestrasz26 Characters
Cairne5 Characters
Catacomb1 Characters
Cenarion Circle7 Characters
Cenarius34 Characters
Chamber Of Aspects19 Characters
Cho'gall90 Characters
Chogall0 Characters
Chromaggus7 Characters
Coilfang24 Characters
Crushridge20 Characters
CThun31 Characters
Daggerspine24 Characters
Dalaran28 Characters
Dalvengyr26 Characters
Dark Iron3 Characters
Darkmoon Faire92 Characters
Darksorrow21 Characters
Darkspear97 Characters
Darrowmere27 Characters
Das Konsortium3 Characters
Dath'Remar37 Characters
Dawnbringer36 Characters
Deathwing18 Characters
Defias Brotherhood39 Characters
Demon Soul3 Characters
Dentarg3 Characters
Destromath8 Characters
Dethecus1 Characters
Detheroc9 Characters
Dethpod4 Characters
Die Aldor EU2 Characters
Doomhammer54 Characters
Doomhammer EU6 Characters
Draenor12 Characters
Draenor Eu11 Characters
Dragonblight50 Characters
Dragonblight Eu8 Characters
Dragonmaw40 Characters
Drahy6 Characters
Drak'tharon5 Characters
Drak'Thul16 Characters
Draka56 Characters
Drakkari19 Characters
DrakTharon2 Characters
Dreadmaul19 Characters
drek thar0 Characters
DrekThar EU6 Characters
Drenden5 Characters
Dun Modr5 Characters
Dunemaul8 Characters
Durotan14 Characters
Duskwood29 Characters
Earthen Ring188 Characters
Echo Isles12 Characters
Eitrigg44 Characters
Eldre'Thalas25 Characters
Elune13 Characters
Emerald Dream37 Characters
Emerald Dream EU0 Characters
Emeriss16 Characters
Eonar12 Characters
Eredar18 Characters
Executus8 Characters
Exodar4 Characters
Farstriders51 Characters
Feathermoon35 Characters
Feenix1 Characters
Fenris2 Characters
Firetree19 Characters
Fizzcrank17 Characters
Frostmane34 Characters
Frostmane EU3 Characters
Frostmourne53 Characters
frostwhisper8 Characters
Frostwhisper Eu9 Characters
Frostwolf48 Characters
Galakrond95 Characters
Gamer District1 Characters
Gaming Consortium1 Characters
Garithos5 Characters
Garona4 Characters
Garrosh28 Characters
Genjuros1 Characters
Ghostlands82 Characters
Gilneas2 Characters
Gnomeregan2 Characters
Gorefiend1 Characters
Gorgonnash6 Characters
Greymane3 Characters
Grim Batol10 Characters
Grizzly Hills8 Characters
Gul'dan11 Characters
Gundrak7 Characters
Gurubashi69 Characters
Hakkar14 Characters
Haomarush26 Characters
HellGround105 Characters
Hellscream8 Characters
Hellscream EU12 Characters
High Rates20 Characters
HyD0 Characters
Hydraxis160 Characters
Hyjal8 Characters
Icecrown50 Characters
Illidan34 Characters
Immortality5 Characters
Imortal Wow1 Characters
Itr5 Characters
ITR WoW38 Characters
Jaedenar62 Characters
Jaedenar EU2 Characters
Jubei'Thos12 Characters
Kael'thas19 Characters
Kalecgos38 Characters
Karazhan4 Characters
Kargath26 Characters
Kazzak8 Characters
Kel'Thuzad16 Characters
Khadgar23 Characters
Khaz Modan19 Characters
Khaz'Goroth3 Characters
Kil Jaeden EU0 Characters
Kil'Jaeden5 Characters
Kilrogg33 Characters
Kilrogg EU0 Characters
Kirin Tor5 Characters
KorGall EU8 Characters
korgath17 Characters
Korialstrasz5 Characters
Kul Tiras61 Characters
Laughing Skull30 Characters
Lethon5 Characters
Lightbringer18 Characters
Lightning's Blade12 Characters
Lightninghoof71 Characters
Llane4 Characters
LoC1 Characters
Lothar38 Characters
Madoran17 Characters
Maelstrom58 Characters
Magtheridon22 Characters
Maiev7 Characters
Mal'Ganis7 Characters
Malfurion4 Characters
Malorne8 Characters
Malygos3 Characters
Mannoroth29 Characters
Mazrigos8 Characters
Medivh8 Characters
Minahonda2 Characters
Misha4 Characters
Mok'Nathal45 Characters
Moknathal2 Characters
Molten Wow20 Characters
Moon Guard24 Characters
Moonglade48 Characters
Moonrunner7 Characters
Mug'thol78 Characters
mugthol0 Characters
Muradin20 Characters
N0 Characters
Nagrand56 Characters
Nagrand EU3 Characters
Nathrezim7 Characters
Naxpgaming2 Characters
Nazgrel34 Characters
Nazjatar16 Characters
Nazjatar EU6 Characters
Neltharion10 Characters
Neptulon15 Characters
Ner'zhul4 Characters
Nerzhul5 Characters
Nesingwary21 Characters
nordassil2 Characters
Nordrassil101 Characters
Norgannon9 Characters
Nostalrius2 Characters
Onyxia1 Characters
Orion4 Characters
Outland70 Characters
Pandemonium6 Characters
Pandora2 Characters
Perenolde3 Characters
Phoenix1 Characters
Planyx0 Characters
Prebound Wow1 Characters
Private8 Characters
Proudmoore41 Characters
Quel'dorei67 Characters
Quel'thalas60 Characters
Ragnaros11 Characters
Ravencrest53 Characters
Ravenholdt42 Characters
Reborn0 Characters
Redemption1 Characters
Revive0 Characters
Revol2 Characters
Rexxar100 Characters
Rivendare18 Characters
Rtk 4 Characters
RTK Pandemonium3 Characters
Ruentotem11 Characters
Runetotem20 Characters
Sargeras21 Characters
Saurfang45 Characters
Saurfang Eu13 Characters
Scarlet Crusade4 Characters
Scarshield legion19 Characters
Scilla5 Characters
Sen'Jin13 Characters
Sentinels85 Characters
Shadow Council25 Characters
Shadow Moon10 Characters
Shadowsong18 Characters
Shadowsong Eu2 Characters
Shandris33 Characters
Shattered Halls39 Characters
Shattered Halls Eu42 Characters
Shattered Hand18 Characters
Shu'halo8 Characters
Silver Hand7 Characters
Silver Knights0 Characters
Silvermoon20 Characters
Sisters of Elune26 Characters
Skullcrusher7 Characters
Skullcrusher EU2 Characters
Skywall10 Characters
Smolderthorn51 Characters
Solidhangout7 Characters
Solidwow2 Characters
Spermik221 Characters
Spinebreaker2 Characters
Spirestone38 Characters
Sporeggar2 Characters
Staghelm1 Characters
Steamwheedle Cartel14 Characters
Stonemaul22 Characters
Stormrage35 Characters
Stormreaver59 Characters
Stormscale61 Characters
stormscale eu0 Characters
Sunstrider10 Characters
Suramar55 Characters
Suramar Eu1 Characters
Sylvanas16 Characters
Talnivarr20 Characters
Tanaris15 Characters
Tarren Mill4 Characters
Tauri1 Characters
Temple Noir0 Characters
Terenas84 Characters
Terokkar13 Characters
Thaurissan45 Characters
The Forgotten Coast88 Characters
The Scryers42 Characters
The Sha'tar4 Characters
The Underbog25 Characters
The Venture Co42 Characters
The Venture Co Eu9 Characters
Thorium Brotherhood10 Characters
Thrall108 Characters
Thule0 Characters
Thunderhorn4 Characters
Thunderlord3 Characters
Thunderstorm3 Characters
Tichondrius17 Characters
Tortheldrin5 Characters
Trollbane16 Characters
Trollbane Eu11 Characters
Tru WoW2 Characters
Turalon4 Characters
Turalyon107 Characters
Twilight Hammer0 Characters
Twilights Hammer11 Characters
Twisting Nether67 Characters
Tyrande10 Characters
Uldaman12 Characters
Uldum12 Characters
Undermine34 Characters
Ursin1 Characters
Uther6 Characters
Vashj55 Characters
Vek'nilash29 Characters
Velen5 Characters
Venus1 Characters
Vista WoW4 Characters
vistawow1 Characters
Warea Network4 Characters
Warsong26 Characters
whirlwind0 Characters
Whisperwind30 Characters
Wildhammer104 Characters
Windrunner23 Characters
Wintergrasp1 Characters
Winterhoof5 Characters
Wow Arthas Pk4 Characters
Wow Beez8 Characters
Wow colombia36 Characters
Wow Legacy4 Characters
WoWBeez7 Characters
Wowcolombia13 Characters
WowCrack12 Characters
WoWLegion1 Characters
Wowolympc0 Characters
WoWscape32 Characters
Wowtlk2 Characters
Wyrmrest Accord85 Characters
Xavius15 Characters
Ysera28 Characters
Ysondre3 Characters
Zangarmarsh16 Characters
Zenedar2 Characters
Zul'jin17 Characters
Zuluhed14 Characters

About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an online role-playing experience set in the award-winning Warcraft universe. Players assume the roles of Warcraft heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest across a vast world. Being "Massively Multiplayer," World of Warcraft allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together or fighting against each other in epic battles, players will form friendships, forge alliances, and compete with enemies for power and glory.;

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Guildtag Statistics
1,830 Guilds
373 Servers
6,982 Characters
594 Guildtag Gaming Websites

About This Page

This page lists all the World of Warcraft servers that our users have added to the Guildtag Social Network.

Why do I see servers that no longer exists or have been merged?
Guildtag isn't just about what gamers are doing right now, it's a composition of their entire gaming history. Adding your characters to servers or guilds that aren't around anymore is a way to catalog history and help our users make connections.