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Anlec0 Characters
Avelorn1 Characters
Averheim0 Characters
Azazel0 Characters
Badlands0 Characters
Be'lakor0 Characters
Bechafen0 Characters
Bretonnia0 Characters
Chaos Wastes0 Characters
Dark Crag4 Characters
Darklands1 Characters
Deathsword0 Characters
Drakwald0 Characters
Drifting Castle0 Characters
Eerie Downs0 Characters
Gorfang1 Characters
Grimnir0 Characters
Heldenhammer0 Characters
Hochland0 Characters
Iron Rock4 Characters
Ironclaw0 Characters
Ironfist1 Characters
Itr0 Characters
Kilrogg0 Characters
Kislev0 Characters
Kragg1 Characters
Lucan0 Characters
Lustria0 Characters
Magnus0 Characters
Marienburg0 Characters
Marius0 Characters
Middenheim0 Characters
Monolith4 Characters
Mordheim0 Characters
Ostermark1 Characters
Phoenix Throne0 Characters
Praag0 Characters
Rakarth0 Characters
Red Eye Mountain0 Characters
Reikland0 Characters
Saphery0 Characters
Sea of Claws0 Characters
Sea of Malice0 Characters
Skavenblight0 Characters
Skull Throne1 Characters
Sylvania1 Characters
Thorgrim0 Characters
Tor Achere0 Characters
Tor Elyr0 Characters
Tower of Doom0 Characters
Ulthuan0 Characters
Ungrim0 Characters
Volkmar3 Characters
Vortex0 Characters
Wasteland0 Characters
White Tower0 Characters
Wolfenburg0 Characters
Wurtbad0 Characters

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About This Page

This page lists all the Warhammer Online servers that our users have added to the Guildtag Social Network.

Why do I see servers that no longer exists or have been merged?
Guildtag isn't just about what gamers are doing right now, it's a composition of their entire gaming history. Adding your characters to servers or guilds that aren't around anymore is a way to catalog history and help our users make connections.