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2007 - 2009

Rosetta Le Rouge (Kali)

One for little words, Rosetta, a fierce Dervish and formidable foe, Rose has traveled many places seeking adventure and excitement. Starting her journey from the huge city of Kamadan, Rose traveled to places far and wide, destroying and over coming anything in her way. Along her way she has gained and lost many allies and gained fame in the ranks of "hero". She is a quiet charater but when in battle, an unstopable force. Rose weilds the almighty sythe and has been taught in the way of the holy powers. Over coming her weeknesses she fights to the end. She has learnt from her mentors Nights Prelude in the art of spellcasting, Raven Leafarrow in the at of necromancing and Nazchron in the art of both sword and illusion.
2007 - 2009

Destroyer Kali (Kali)

Shes dark adn can raise the dead from the grave. Fighting for the side of good she can create minions from the corpses. She was born on August 12. Its been years since she left her safe haven of the Ascalon walls and joined the forces to battle the charr, which left her home, in ruins. From forth the fatal ruins she grew as a mighty sourcer and a necromancer her skills advanced in curse magic and she now masters the plains of FoW. Calling on mark of pain and the spiteful spirits to help ehr she destroyers all in her way. She was born to raise her army DLoC she was born as a leader. Demon Legion of Chaos was her home along side the almighty Guild of Cantha she was forever with her love. Although, days dragged on and there was a time where she had to leave her hom to venture out past the security of her family, she left him and all her loved ones to follow one of the greatest most powerful spell caster that she knew. His name was Nights Prelude and he was her salvation. Kali now wonders about her past her family and her lost love. Will she ever see him again and will she ever find her safe haven back in the guild of cantha. Will she lead once more?
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