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Malise Soulcutter (Eudas)

Necromancer/Elementalist Level 12 Blood and Fire
2008 - 2009

Evermore Raven (Ravensol)

I'm a Ritualist. Summoning spirits to do my bidding i smother everything in my wake to reclaim my glory that was once mine. I will claim that which is rightfully mine, and send Urgoz back to the pits of hell from whence he came. The warrens shall be clean again and my sanctuary be cleanses.
2004 - 2009

Raven Leafarrow (Ravensol)

I am Raven. Son of Fayte Ravenhawk and student of Aidan. My story began when my father was sent to battle and never returned. I then found my self in the arms of Grenth and the Asylum. and now that I have new allies, I will claim my seat of power and honor that was once bestowed upon my families name when I avenge my father's death. And follow the voices of Grenth.

John Brokestar (Cptbrokestar)

John Grew up in Ascalon. After the Searing he did what he could...but the more he battled the entrenched Charr, the more he began to lose hope for his homeland. That's when he left...and never looked back.
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This page lists all the characters that are in Dark Souls Of Cantha - a Guild Wars guild on the Official server.

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