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About Guild Wars

"Guild Wars takes the best elements of today`s massively multiplayer online games and combines them with a new mission-based design that eliminates the tedium of those games. You can meet new friends in towns or outposts, form a party, and then go tackle a quest together. Your party always has its own unique copy of the quest map, so camping, kill-stealing, and long lines to complete quests are all things of the past. Within a quest you have unprecedented freedom and power to manipulate the world around you: your magic can build bridges and open up new pathways, or it can burn down forests and tear the ground asunder.\r\nYou don`t have to spend countless hours on a leveling treadmill to get to the interesting parts of the game, because combat is designed to be strategically interesting and challenging right from the beginning. \r\n\r\nYou don`t have to spend hours running around the world to prepare for a quest, because Guild Wars allows you to instantly travel to the beginning of any quest that you`ve previously unlocked. You`ll never spend days playing only to discover that choices you made early on have left you with a permanently uncompetitive character, because the unique skill system in Guild Wars allows infinite experimentation but doesn`t allow bad decisions to ruin a character. And you`ll never meet new players only to discover that you can`t play with them or compete against them because their characters are on a different server than yours; in Guild Wars, all characters live in one seamless world."\r\n-Quote from official website;

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This page lists all the Guild Wars servers that our users have added to the Guildtag Social Network.

Why do I see servers that no longer exists or have been merged?
Guildtag isn't just about what gamers are doing right now, it's a composition of their entire gaming history. Adding your characters to servers or guilds that aren't around anymore is a way to catalog history and help our users make connections.