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1999 - 2004

Grimiz Agaud (Grim)

By far my favorite character I ever played in EQ (and I played a lot of classes). Played a lot with Seep, Klok, Rocstar/Fista/Sizzer, Chantrae, Kangi/Beech, Aerindel, the Yoder gang (tsurni,emilae,slickfist,rethyn) and Greef (one of my old accounts) and his brother Zummol in MoG. We sure found a lot of interesting and unique ways to wipe out. Good times. A lot of these guys play WoW on Cenarius in a guild called Death Seekers. Fitting name.
Cazic ThuleDeity
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This page lists all the characters that are in Arcane Evol - a Everquest guild on the Mithaniel Marr server.

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