City of Heroes Overview


Champion2 Characters
Freedom4 Characters
Guardian2 Characters
Guildmaster Seven2 Characters
Infinity1 Characters
Justice10 Characters
Liberty5 Characters
Pinnacle1 Characters
Protector2 Characters
Triumph0 Characters
Union2 Characters
Victory2 Characters
Virtue8 Characters

About City of Heroes

"Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that`s home to an entire universe of heroes, where you and thousands of other players take on the roles of super powered heroes - in a stunning, 3D graphical world.\r\n\r\nChoose from hundreds of different powers and design your own unique costume."\r\n\r\n-Quote taken from official website;

City of Heroes Official Website

Guildtag Statistics
20 Guilds
13 Servers
41 Characters
0 Guildtag Gaming Websites

About This Page

This page lists all the City of Heroes servers that our users have added to the Guildtag Social Network.

Why do I see servers that no longer exists or have been merged?
Guildtag isn't just about what gamers are doing right now, it's a composition of their entire gaming history. Adding your characters to servers or guilds that aren't around anymore is a way to catalog history and help our users make connections.