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Darktide7 Characters
Frostfell1 Characters
Harvestgain1 Characters
Leafcull0 Characters
Morningthaw3 Characters
Solclaim0 Characters
Thistledown0 Characters
Wintersebb0 Characters

About Asherons Call

"Welcome to the online role-playing game Asheron`s Call, where thousands of players inhabit a beautiful 3D fantasy world to make friends and seek out perilous adventure. Customize your alter ego with a unique appearance and balance of heroic skills, then enter a magical frontier of terrible monsters, breathtaking vistas, and fast alliances. With over 500 square miles that offer ever more wonders to explore, Asheron`s Call gives you a world of unparalleled scope and freedom, the richest setting yet for creating your personal saga or joining your friends in an epic campaign."\r\n\r\n-Quote from official website;

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Why do I see servers that no longer exists or have been merged?
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